Over 95% of Americans are overpaying each month for their Insurance, Phone, Cable, Internet, Electricity, Prescription Drugs and more.
Why? Because most of them are not aware that they have the freedom to switch to a better deal. Or how easy it is.

Our mission is to get our members the best deal possible! With a call to our friendly US Biased Service Centers you wont be talking with any IVRS or machines, just real people who are sincerely looking for the best deal for you or your business.

If you join the Small Business Association of America or the Consumer Coalition programs you and your business are eligible to receive discounts of up to 75% from our partners. The best part is, the membership is only $1.00 per year!

With Asentra YOU WIN!

Asentra is the nation's 16th fastest growing privately owned Acquisition Company. We've been included among INC 500's fastest growing companies for 4 years in a row, ranking 5th in 2014. We are one of the most innovative direct marketing companies in the nation and have partnered with over 20 of the Fortune 500 companies to help them with their Customer acquisition and loyalty programs. We focus on building long term relations between Companies and their customers. At Asentra, our product is our expertise in how to market, qualify and sell.

There are companies who specialize in either online marketing, telephone sales or direct response, Asentra has expertise in all three. We own the risks and rewards of the entire direct marketing process - from lead generation to end transaction. And whether we're marketing and selling services for our partners or for ourselves, our process works! We are able to execute our business model across a wide range of industries, though we mostly focus on Insurance Services, Small Business solutions and media/telecom.